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 The plans will be minimalist as has become customary. The plans will be minimalist as has become customary.
-The opening of the Tumbling Bay Cafe will be checked on few weeks before the event.+Regretably, Murray will not be joining us this year but I'm sure he will be present in spirit. 
 +The Tumbling Bay Cafe will be open until 4pm and we will (treasurer permitting!) arrange ​tab for tea and coffee. 
 +The menu boards on Friday 4 Oct were: 
 +{{:​agm:​tbc2019a.jpg?​300 |}}{{:​agm:​tbc2019b.jpg?​300 |}}{{:​agm:​tbc2019c.jpg?300 |}}
 ===== 2018 ===== ===== 2018 =====
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