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-====== Sending a Database by email ====== 
-A common question is how one can send a database by email. The answer is to compress it into a single archive file and send that, using a facility built in to Windows. ​ 
-Using Windows Explorer, locate the database folder, then right-click and choose Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder as shown here. {{ :​faq:​zipped_folder.jpg?​150|Zipping a Database}} 
-The result is a single file, in this case called,​ which is about 13% of the size of the folder contents. This preserves the structure of the whole folder, including the dates of the files, which can be vital when exploring a corruption. ​ 
-Attach this ZIP-file to your email. On receipt of this file, a right-click will offer a way of opening it, so that the original contents can be copied to wherever it is wanted. ​ 
-The same compression technique can be used when sending other files, especially GEDCOM files. 
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