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 +====== Members Only pages ======
 +This area is only visible to those with a PUGweb login: [[members:​only:​start|Members'​ Only]]
 +====== Members'​ personal pages ======
 Insert a line to link to your personal '​namespace'​ Insert a line to link to your personal '​namespace'​
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 [[.clare_pilkington:​|Clare Pilkington]]\\ [[.clare_pilkington:​|Clare Pilkington]]\\
 [[.colin_liebenrood:​|Colin Liebenrood]]\\ [[.colin_liebenrood:​|Colin Liebenrood]]\\
-[[.colin_skipper:​|Colin Skipper]]\\ 
 [[.dave_willington:​|Dave Willington]]\\ [[.dave_willington:​|Dave Willington]]\\
 [[.derrick_porter:​|Derrick Porter]]\\ [[.derrick_porter:​|Derrick Porter]]\\
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 [[.malcolm_austen:​|Malcolm Austen]]\\ [[.malcolm_austen:​|Malcolm Austen]]\\
 [[.murray_kennedy:​|Murray Kennedy]]\\ [[.murray_kennedy:​|Murray Kennedy]]\\
-[[.paul_stevenson:|Paul Stevenson]]\\+[[.reg_mayhew:|Reg Mayhew]]\\
 [[.rod_clayburn:​|Rod Clayburn]]\\ [[.rod_clayburn:​|Rod Clayburn]]\\
 [[.rupert_cuddon-large:​|Rupert Cuddon-Large]]\\ [[.rupert_cuddon-large:​|Rupert Cuddon-Large]]\\
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