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-====== Here is the PediTree v3.339 update ====== 
-**Before downloading this version**, open PediTree to look at the copyright date in your name & address panel. 
-if it is 2012 or 2013, then continue with these instructions. **If 2011 or earlier**, then you need to pay £12 for a new CD or £10 for web only. 
-If you have received the password from Pedigree Software, then click on {{:​pedigree-software:​pt3339.exe|this link}} and Save the .exe file. Note the filename is pt3339.exe, not ptupdate.exe,​ with the intention that you can more easily return to an older copy if you hit problems. 
-It is a PediTree Update Setup Wizard .exe. 
-Then you can Run it and extract to c:\pedigree \\ 
-  * PediTree.exe 
-  * PediTree.chm 
-  * DB32.DLL 
-  * PED32.DLL 
-  * PediTree.css (cascading style sheet for web output) 
-  * BK_Elton55v3.gia (GEDCOM Import rules from Brothers Keeper) 
-  * Elton55.ped ​ 
-  * Elton55.exe (for reloading the above folder if necessary 
-PediTree should not be open when running the installer. 
-===== 3.339 June 2013 ===== 
-  * Font size and line height in Choose List, Definitions and Islands scalable