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Welcome to PUGwiki

This wiki is under development … contact the chairman to get involved.

The wiki is a long way short of becoming the main face of PUGweb but that may well come with time.

Plans include putting Rod Clayburn's PUG-L digests into the wiki which will enable them to be updated where appropriate and to be searched (top right below the PUG logo).

To get quickly to, just click on the PUG logo (top right).


Colin's famous FAQ is now here. Any other version should be considered as out of date and links will be changed to refer to this copy.


A number of utility programs have been produced by Murray Kennedy and by Colin Liebenrood. These are being moved into PUGwiki - utilities


A number of ancillary resources have been produced too, these are also being moved into PUGwiki - resources


PUG-L is the PUG Members' email list.

PUG members' area

Members can ask for login details so they can make use of the Members' Area to create their own pages. Pages in the Members' Area should be considered as personal, the content may not reflect the PUG 'party line' and probably has not been carefully checked in the way that Colin's FAQ has.

Pedigree Software

The Pedigree-Software pages contain Murray's web site. In time these will be styled to make it clearer that they are not, strictly, PUG pages.

Once you have your login details, disposable experimental edits can be done in the playground or in your own personal wiki-space.

You may like to read this quick guide which was the basis of Malcolm's (brief) talk at the 2010 AGM.

You may even like to read about DokuWiki, it's markup syntax or even RTFM!

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