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-====== ​coming soon ======+====== ​Resources ​====== 
 +These resources may be of value to those who use //​PediTree//​ or //Pedigree for DOS//. 
 +  * [[resources:​dbskels|Databases]] PediTree database skeletons and a sample database. \\ 
 +  * [[resources:​icons|Icons]] Alternative icons for your programs. 
 +  * {{resources:​CensusRecordEntry.pdf|Supplementary Document: Notes on entering Census data}} (PDF, 45kb, 4 x A5 pages imposed as 2 x A4) from Colin Liebenrood, April 2006: 
 +Following Murray'​s recent posting to PUG-L of his new method of 
 +entering census information in PediTree, I've done an update of the 
 +relevant section of the Getting Started Guide. 
 +  * [[resources:​nlindexs|Newsletter Indexes]] 
 +  * [[resources:​fixfonts|Fonts for Pedigree users]] 
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