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 ====== Utilities ====== ====== Utilities ======
-===== coming soon =====+The following utility programs are available for use with Pedigree Software programs and databases. Except where 
 +mentioned, these are all Windows programs that install and work under all versions of Windows from WinXP to Win7 (From April 2013, these utilities are no longer compatible with Windows versions earlier than XP.) 
 +==== Database Utilities ​==== 
 +Checks Pedigree Software databases for corrupt records, which it may then be used to remove. Includes 
 +a compaction facility for use on databases with no corrupt records and the ability to create a copy having a different maximum size. See [[utilities:​dbutil|this page]] for more information and a download link. 
 +==== GedPrune ==== 
 +A utility to remove information about living people from GEDCOM files. ​ Download the 869Kib installer {{ :​utilities:​setgprune07.exe |}} (Version 0.7, 03 November 2017). For more information,​ download a printable version of the program description {{ :​utilities:​gedprune.pdf |}}. 
 +==== GedUtils ==== 
 +Miscellaneous processing of GEDCOM files, especially for 
 +importing from other programs. Supplied with PediTree and Pedigree 
 +on CD-ROM, or download the 676Kb installer {{:​utilities:​setgu7207.exe|}} (Version 7.207 April 2018). Includes //Convert UTF-8// for 
 +handling GEDCOM file in Unicode subset UTF-8, as can be produced by some 
 +other programs. 
 +==== PedClone ==== 
 +A utility to copy Groups, Records, Picture scripts, Reports and Tables from one Pedigree 
 +Software database to another. Download the 501Kb installer {{:​utilities:​setpedc205.exe|}} (Version 2.0.5 May 2018). 
 +==== PedSpecs ==== 
 +A utility to analyse Pedigree database definitions,​ including 
 +records and Picture Scripts. Supplied with PediTree and Pedigree on CD-ROM, 
 +or download the 590Kb installer {{:​utilities:​setps3304.exe|}} (Version 3.304 May 2108). 
 +==== PedTimeLine ==== 
 +A utility to produce a Timeline from a GEDCOM file. Download a {{:​utilities:​pedtimeline.pdf |more detailed description}} (PDF 285Kb) and/or the {{ :​utilities:​setptl091.exe | installer here}} (version 0.91 21 Jan 2108).  
 +==== Pedigree Printing ==== 
 +A utility to assist printing from //Pedigree for DOS// under 
 +Windows 95 or later. Supplied with Pedigree on CD-ROM, also available for 
 +download as the 300Kb file {{:​utilities:​|}}.  
 +Not tested under Windows Vista or Windows 7. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to 
 +PediTree with its improved printing facilities instead of using this utility. 
 +==== Other DOS Utilities ==== 
 +The following utilities are all DOS programs that need to be run from a command prompt. ​ They **will not 
 +work** under 64-bit versions of Windows (but see the information in page [[faq:​pediwin#​Pedigree for DOS|Pedigree for DOS]]). 
 +=== Ped-FHS === 
 +Convert GEDCOM files from Pedigree for export to other 
 +programs. Supplied with //​PediTree//,​ but not generally needed for use with that program. 
 +=== PVSort === 
 +A general-purpose sorting program. Supplied with PediTree. 
 +=== Utils === 
 +A utility for copying and deleting Pedigree databases. When 
 +copying to floppy disks, will permit a database to span several 
 +disks if necessary. Supplied with Pedigree. Not recommended for 
 +use with PediTree. 
-For the time being, please see this page: http://​​utility-programs/​ 
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