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 ====== Frequently Asked Questions ====== ====== Frequently Asked Questions ======
-===== Using Pedigree Software under Windows 7 ===== 
-==== PediTree ==== 
-PediTree installs and runs perfectly well under Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. ​ It should be installed in the usual way, preferably from a recent CD supplied by Pedigree Software. ​ Do //not// be tempted to install it in one of the Program files directories,​ as these have special security settings that can produce difficulties. ​ Simply use C:\pedigree (or a similar root folder). 
-You canif you wish, place your databases in a different location under C:\Users...+Here are a number of questions that are often asked about Pedigree Software programswith some tried and tested answers
-The various utility programs (Database ​Utilities, GedUtils, PedSpecs and PedClone) should also work under both 32and 64-bit versionsalthough this hasn't yet been confirmed.+  * [[faq:​pediwin|Will Pedigree Software work in all Windows versions?​]] 
 +    * [[faq:​pediwin#​PediTree|PediTree]] 
 +    * [[faq:​pediwin#​Pedigree for DOS|Pedigree for DOS]] 
 +  * [[faq:​dbsize|How large a Database ​can I have?]] 
 +    * [[faq:​dbsize#​Size Limits|Size Limits]] 
 +    * [[faq:​dbsize#​Compacting Databases|Compacting Databases]] 
 +    * [[faq:​dbsize#​Moving to larger versions|Moving to larger versions]] 
 +  * [[faq:​upgrade|Should I upgrade from Pedigree to PediTree?​]] 
 +    * [[faq:​peditree_advantages|Advantages of PediTree]] 
 +  * How can I send by email  
 +    * [[faq:​makepdf]|a Tree?]] 
 +    * [[faq:​zipdb]|a database or GEDCOM file?]] 
 +  * [[faq:​Errors|What do I do about this Error-message?​]] 
 +    * [[faq:​Errors#​Access Denied|DOS Error 5 or Runtime Error 105]] 
 +    * [[faq:​Errors#​DB32 Fatal Error|DB32 Fatal Errors]] 
 +  * [[faq:​GEDCOM|Explain GEDCOM Import/​Exportplease.]] 
 +    * [[faq:​GEDCOM#​Export from PediTree|Export from PediTree]] 
 +    * [[faq:​GEDCOM#​Export from Pedigree|Export from Pedigree]] 
 +    * [[faq:​GEDCOM#​Export to other Programs|Export to other Programs]] 
 +    * [[faq:​GEDCOM#​Import to PediTree|Import to PediTree]] 
 +    * [[faq:​GEDCOM#​Import from other Programs|Import from other Programs]] 
 +    * [[faq:​gedcant|Cannot Import GEDCOM file]] 
 +  * [[faq:​extchs|What about Accented Characters?​]] 
 +  * Are there associated Utility Programs? [[utilities:​start|See the Utilities page]] 
 +  * Any other Resources? [[resources:​start|See the Resources page]] 
 +  * [[faq:​Contacts|Contact Details and Acknowledgements]]
-==== Pedigree for DOS ==== 
-Pedigree for DOS will install and work under 32-bit Windows 7, **but not** under the 64-bit versions. ​ If you //must// have it on a 64-bit system, then it can be run using a free utility called DosBox. (Details may be provided later.) 
-===== PediTree: DB32 Fatal Error ===== 
-The appearance of a message-box like the above with the same heading is often due either to a missing file or 
-to a fault in your database. From PediTree version 3.330 (February 2010), missing or inaccessible files 
-should be detected before DB32 is involved, so these messages are probably due to a database fault (the example above is one such). 
-The quick fix is to restore your database from a recent back-up copy. Alternatively,​ you may prefer 
-to repair the database, if possible. ​ Instructions for this are available [[faq:​dbutil|here]]. 
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