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-have been compiling my family history for nearly ​30 years and have used Pedigree/​Peditree since the early days to manage my data. +My name is Reg Mayhew and I'​ve ​been compiling my family history for over 30 years, using Pedigree/​Peditree since the early days to manage my data. I've published the fruits of my labour on the internet at http://​ 
 +About twice a year, I use a program called GED2HTML (which is unfortunately no longer available or supported commercially) to produce HTML pages from my current Peditree database gedcom file. These pages are then linked to my website at http://​​surnames.html. 
 +I'd be very pleased to hear from you if you make a connection with any of my family lines or, indeed, would like to chat about any family history matters. My email address is 
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