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Pedigree Software Family History Genealogy System

Pedigree Software Picture Script Language

PediView and PediTree also use Pedigree's flexible database and picture script language with even more features than Pedigree.

Each database of up to 32,000 related Person, Marriage, Source, Census… files of up to 4mb each, has its own definitions of fields and reports in a data dictionary control file.

All Pedigree's fields are named and given a GEDCOM tag which can be changed by the user. A language script which we called a 'picture' is given to each way in which details are shown on the screen and in charts, trees, reports and table-style listings.

Pedigree version 2.6N for MSDOS is still using the GEDCOM 4 standard although support for GEDCOM 5.5 is provided by PediTree and additional utilities, listed in the page for existing users' information. In 1987 Pedigree led the way in providing for Source citations with more specfic Source material such as Censuses than even the latest standard encourages.

There is no limit on the number of different databases although only 20 can be kept in a directory folder in Pedigree for MSDOS. These may be different branches of your family, unrelated one-name lists or temporary databases imported from other systems using GEDCOM.

Here is an example of the way in which fields can be selected, although complex links can be made such as father.birth.source.title can be included in this or other macro named scripts:-

name() title [|"ref:" refnum] tree()
[| treepar()]
[| detail(occupation)]
[| "b." detail(birth)]
[| "bapt." detail(christening)]
[| "educated at" education]
[| families()]
[| "address: " detail(residence)]
[| "d." detail(death)]
[| "bur." detail(burial)]

This is the detail(occupation) picture showing each occupation, employer and time period:-

title ["for"org] ["at" place] ["(" from "-" to ")"] cite(Source)

see PediTree for Windows

There is an active Pedigree User Group which holds local meetings and exchanges internet messages with its own list service to get the latest software news and hints and tips.

see Pedigree Users Group

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