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Pedigree Software Family History Genealogy System


PediTree uses the Multiple Document Interface method of using child windows for different views of the same records or types of records. Alphabetic or Chronological Indexes, Descendant or Ancestor Charts or a Family screen can be used to browse through detail, or create printed reports. Below is shown an Index and the Family display. On the Family display you can see tabs to navigate easily through multiple marriages of Henry VII and his wives.

Planning Trees

After choosing an Ancestor and making a plan, then you can see the layout diagram for a Wide or Tall Tree, click for larger image as shown opposite (for a Wide Tree). This diagram shows the layout of multiple pages depending on the orientation, font, box size and textual level of detail. The colour magenta indicates if the detail will spill and be truncated from the chosen box size. Individual pages can be chosen for display or printing. Your own blood line(s) of direct ancestry can be marked in colour on this diagram or individual detailed trees.

If satisfactory, the Tree can then be viewed or printed, either one page at a time or all of them. Images and text can be left, right justified or centred.

Here's a portion of a Wide ascending Tree. click for larger image

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