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 {{ :​agm:​2014:​dsci0130.jpg?​direct&​512 |}} {{ :​agm:​2014:​dsci0130.jpg?​direct&​512 |}}
 +Alternatively,​ you could catch the 400 bus from either the western "​Seacourt"​ or eastern "​Thornhill"​ Park&​Ride sites.
 +==== By bus ====
 +There is a stop ("​Osney Island"​) immediately outside & opposite WOCA. Buses that stop there are: 4, 11, 44, 63, 66, 400, S1, U1, X30.
 +The 400 bus is the east-west Park&​Ride service so this could be used from the western "​Seacourt"​ car park or from the eastern "​Thornhill"​ car park.
 +If coming from London on the X90 or Oxford Tube services and you have, like me, a '​wrinkly'​ free bus pass, you could save even a short walk by switching to the 400 bus at either Thornhill or in town at Queen'​s Lane. The X90 and Oxford Tube terminate at Gloucester Green which isn't served by the 400 P&R bus.
 +==== By Train ====
 +It's really not worth catching a bus from the station. If you arrive on platform 2, and the disabled gate is open, you might be able to get out on that side and save a couple of hundred yards. Essentially leave the station, turn right long the Botley Road until you reach the bridge in the picture above (you'​ll cross another bridge before you get there).
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