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I'm Paul Malcolm Stevenson and have been a PUG member for a number of years, serving on the Committee for eight years as Secretary. My main search is of Stevenson, which has taken me back to 1759 when James Stevenson was born. The majority of Stevensons in the United Kingdom come from the Ayrshire area of Scotland, but I cannot find a family connection with any Stevensons in this part of the UK. There are also many Stevensons in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. My own line has moved all over the southern part of the UK. Initially James Stevenson (1759-1836) was in the 20th Dragoons in Suffolk before moving to Kent and then Hampshire.His son, James Augustus Frederick Stevenson (1802-1878) moved to Birmingham in 1842. I was the last to leave Birmingham in 1970, moving to Chester and am now residing in Hertfordshire. 13th November 2010

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