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Pedigree Software Family History Genealogy System

AGE Calculation

I received my CDROM discs of the 1881 census and started to try matching my Scottish ancestors. My mental arithmetic showed how slow I was at matching birth dates and ages, so I decided to bring forward into PediTree a type of simple date arithmetic. I couldn't do anything to upset the picture script processing in Pedigree so I have added a real field called AGE in the Person record which will be left empty, but calculated only in PediTree.There are two types of AGE calculation.

  • Show the age of all people in a detail box or list, - as at a particular date that you can set. You can choose from the UK census dates (e.g.01 Apr 1901) or enter your own date as NOW. Filtering all your Person records with age between 0 and 110 will give you a list for searching a particular census with.
  • A similar feature to show the age at any event including occupation and residence changes is shown in the example as { aged 99}. All of these are under your control through the picture script language -not built into the program.

The date BORN can be taken from the baptism date if you don't know the birth, just like other Pedigree scripts.

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