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Pedigree Software

Family History Genealogy System - PediTree

Murray Kennedy
Pedigree Software, The Granary, Ryelands, Wyre Piddle, PERSHORE WR10 2JG
Tel: 0(44) 1386 55 66 49

PediTree is a genealogy system for researching, storing and printing your family history. PediTree's strengths are its compact storage and indexing of very detailed records of People, Marriages and Sources such as Census records and other record types that you can create yourself. The Personal Genealogy Program Pedigree was developed in 1987 for MSDOS and now runs under Windows - even Vista. PediView was then released for Windows 3.1.

All reports can be changed by yourself and new data types added. Events such as birth, baptism, death, burial, will, marriage and divorce have individual notes and links to Sources. Similarly occupations and residences can occur 250 times with dates and links too. GEDCOM and CSV files can be exported from Pedigree and now PediTree improves CSV import too.

PediTree for Windows is now updating all types of Pedigree databases and has most of Pedigree's features. Its editing facilites, combined with GEDCOM import from RTF files converted from the LDS 1881 CD-ROM make the capture of sources and censuses independent of whether you decide to link some of the individuals to your Person and Marriage lineage records. See below.

Descendant and Ancestor trees can be drawn in the British drop-down wide tree (which can be printed over many pages), or in a compact tall tree, or in indented charts of fixed 5-generation birth brief or compact indented outline charts. All can be tailored to show varying amounts of detail with any of the data fields which can be selected using ……

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A demonstration version 3.330a of PediTree with updating up to 170 people can be downloaded if you click above.

PediTree with Pedigree costs £40 by cheque. (If not in the UK, email us and PayPal will invoice you to enable you to pay by credit/debit card adding £4 for airmail. £6 will be added for PUG membership if you wish.) In the UK pay by post to the address at the top. The CDROM includes PediTree, Pedigree, and GEDutils, PedSpecs utilities - with 52 page guide and 134 page manual.

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